Guys like us

The past few years have been very Dynamic to say the least. Those of us who have remained BASED and grounded in our principles have experienced a lot of resistance and friction in our everyday lives. For example When we refused to comply with the "pandemic orders" we were shunned by some of our friends and families. When we disagree and protest the current sexual, gender, Race issues, etc. We are seen as ignorant, archaic, homophobic (insert favorite buzzword). And let's not even get started with the attacks on our youth. So if you agree with our stances on the aforementioned topics you might be BASED. If so then consider supporting the movement and checking out some of our products. We need your help to broadcast the signal!

Destroying Weakness

A lot of the current issues that are plaguing society are rooted in weakness. The signal that modern society likes to broadcast are things such as " don't work to hard" "Money isn't important" " Someone else is the problem" " it's ok to be emotional" " kids should be able to make decisions about sexually mutilating themselves" ETC. What all of these things have in common is the theme of lacking self reliance. You have to have income if you want to leave your parents house or provide a decent life for your family? You can't let your emotions take total control over your thought process when it's time to make decisions? The last one is self explanatory. But like we stated above it is all rotted in weakness. Weakness is not something to be celebrated. It is a challenge that needs to be overcome and/ or destroyed. With that being said it is important to help your fellow man when he falls. Because we all experience moments of weakness. However if you refuse to improve your current state of weakness life will have it's way with you. Stay BASED.